Sometimes, either when creating a new Site Collection or when mounting a database using the Mount-SPContentDatabase PowerShell Cmdlet, or in any other case where something might go wrong, a content database may become a ghost one.

A content database becomes a ghost database when the Get-SPContentDatabase PowerShell Cmdlet returns any of the following:

1. No Web Application name

Id               : DATABASE_GUID
Name             : CONTENT_DATABASE_NAME
WebApplication   : 
Server           : DB_SERVER_NAME
CurrentSiteCount : 1

2. No Content Database name

Id               : DATABASE_GUID
Name             : 
WebApplication   : SPWebApplication Name=WEB_APPLICATION_NAME
Server           : DB_SERVER_NAME
CurrentSiteCount : 1

Not the exact same situation, but similar. Again it’s a ghost database.

The remedy is to delete the database. Delete in this situation does not mean delete the database physically from disk or from database server. It means to make SharePoint forget about the database.

In any case, having the database name or Id, one solution could be the SPContentDatabase.Delete() as in the following example:


The other solution is the SPWebApplication.ContentDatabases.Delete() which accepts a database GUID.

$WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication WEB_APP_URL